This is the season of preparation.  The anticipated holidays will be arriving in record time.  Along with this wonderful time of the year come many additional burdens and demands on our time and energy.

I am praying for direction this year.  I would love to feel the blessings of the season while providing a warm welcome for my family and guests.   Why does it have to get so frantic? 

Perhaps planning better and sooner is the answer.  I find that I focus on every detail of every gift, decoration, table setting, guest room and a realm of other things that I feel I have to address during this busy season. 

Daylight savings time forces us to wrap up our days earlier now.  It may be nature’s way of making us shift modes.  Come home, tune in and enjoy your environment.  Light a couple candles, read an inspirational book, relax and think of what is to come over the next month or so. 

Take some time to plan your days and think of those who may need a note or phone call.  Feel the brightness of the season.  Let others know that you love them and are thinking of them.  Put the holiday demands in perspective.  The love you feel when you allow things to remain calm is the nurturing, universal love we all share.  It is a wonderful time of year my friends.