So, there are certainly times you experience something embarrassing or funny when you are working no matter what career you may have.

I can recall an incident after Amanda and I first began working together as a partnership. She had asked me to go to a home we would be listing that was vacant in Clemmons. She said that the key would be left in the outdoor grill for me. I was going over to take photos, measure, and write down needed listing information. She then gave me the address.

My husband used to be a photographer, so I asked him to go on this visit with me. While I was getting the measurements, he could shoot the photos, and he happily agreed to go. We pulled up to the property and I told him that I would go to the grill out back and get the key while he began taking the exterior photos of the front of the home. As he was getting out his camera for the shots, I walked around to the back deck and found the grill (which had a cover). I began pulling up the cover on the grill to find this key which had been left for me. As I was doing this, the back door to the home began to open. I looked around and there was a woman standing there. I jumped back startled, and then I smiled and stated “oh my goodness, you scared me. I did not realize anyone was home.” She said to me, may I ask what you are doing?”  I said “well, I was just looking for the key to the house because I thought no one would be here”. I could see then that she had a very concerned facial expression and it did not seem that she was expecting me. I questioned “aren’t you selling your home?” She said “no, we just moved here and are new to the area.” And I, feeling embarrassed, said “oh, well welcome to Clemmons!” Her facial expression did not change… then I realize she still has no idea who I am or why I am looking for a key to her home. I back-tracked, and said, “I am so sorry. I am Lisa and I am a real estate agent and was given this address as a home we are listing. The key was being hid for me in the grill to get inside to take photos and measurements.” I then was able to see her facial expression change to one of relief and no longer one of concern. She pointed to the house to the left and she said “we saw those people next door moving furniture out the other day and that could possibly be the house you are looking for.” I said “thank you very much and I am very sorry for the mix-up.” 

As I walked swiftly around the side of the house and to the front, my wonderful husband is standing there and taking photos of her house. I said “Honey, get in the car!” He asks why and I say “Honey, just get in the car, please!”  I checked with Amanda and she had switched 2 numbers and accidentally given me the wrong street address. She apologized and after hearing the entire story, we all had quite a laugh.

Thank you very much (new Clemmons homeowner) for being gracious and not calling the police on me!