Well, I was able last year to put myself right in our buyers’ and sellers’ shoes. My husband and I had been empty nesters for several years. We finally made the big decision in 2016 to sell our home, since we used approximately four rooms in the house, and DOWNsize!

Our first step was to organize the home and clean out 15 years of attic storage which still contained middle school clothes our children had worn, their old toys, room décor from when we decided to paint and change room decorations and colors and bedding, years of holiday decorations and party decorations celebrating many birthdays over the years, and the list goes on. This task took us six months alone! Rummaging through items, what to save/what not to save, what to put in a garage sale, what to donate to Goodwill and realistically decide what did we REALLY need to hold onto.

Then came organizing closets, painting, cleaning; we even upgraded all of our kitchen appliances. That took another four to five months! Finally we were ready. Next came the appointments and showings, getting home to pick up the dogs and taking them out for an hour while a potential buyer could comfortably view our home…..and let’s not forget trying to have it perfectly neat and clean for every showing!

We were able to sell our home in a few months in 2017 and then came all of the wrapping, packing, agreed upon repairs and loading up and moving. I appreciate the work and the preparation SO MUCH that our sellers have to undertake through this whole process. We are DONE….right? No, just beginning!

Now, where are we going? What type of home do we need now? What area of town do we want to move to? Of course, we had been researching this during the selling process but when it came time to find the next home….we had not found one yet. SO, we had to rent or either move to something that we were not in love with. We decided to rent and continue to look. Of course, that meant moving again so we unpacked only what we felt we would need on an everyday basis and placed the rest in storage.

We had decided we wanted one level, we wanted a garage, a fenced in yard for the dogs, an open floor plan, master on the main (again, the one level), no basement; and, with our well thought out plan, we began our viewings. It took us several months and in 2018 we were able to find our current home and are very happy with our decision. HOWEVER, we definitely had to compromise. When working with buyers (unless you are building your home) there is always some compromising. We did get the garage, the fenced in yard, the location we wanted, BUT no one – level, no master on the main, no open floor plan and we DO have a basement. I appreciate SO MUCH the dilemma that buyers go through when looking and deciding on just the right home for them and their family. Thank you for your business and allowing us to assist you through the entire process….which we understand is not always an easy one; but, we strive to do our best to take as much of the stress off of your shoulders as possible.

-Lisa Gifford