I had a closing last month in which I finally got to use our transaction coordinator. I felt so relieved to know that she would be handling everything from the time we went under contract until the big closing day. I was even out of the country for a couple weeks and she made sure everything was right on track.

I had handled my first three transactions on my own (I still asked our team leaders a million questions) and they were very stressful- especially my first one which happened to be a foreclosure. If you don’t know about foreclosure, I have one piece of advice for you- stay away from them (I’m totally kidding!). They are a great investment, but they require a lot of inspections if you’re getting a loan.

In addition to a transaction coordinator, our team now has a director of operations that is helping everything fall into place. I get to have cool flyers to post on social media, as well as a first time home buyer presentation customized with my personal information on it. Having been six months in the business, I finally feel confident and prepared enough to have a formal buyer consultation with clients!