It is interesting how you can go through life doing the things that you know and then one day realizing you have been doing it all wrong, whether it is in business or in your personal life. A light bulb goes on and you think why did I not know this before? I am sure everyone has those moments in life, and I would like to share with you just a few of mine.

I am referring to several things here. Quite a few years ago, my business partner, Amanda Shore, introduced me to Dave Ramsey. As I read the books and went to his events, it was so enlightening. Why in the world, from the time I was old enough to apply for a credit card, did I think that being in debt was just the way we were supposed to live? It took me all of those years to realize this very simple recipe for financial success. His seven baby steps are posted online.

After joining Keller Williams, I began to learn their secret recipe for success and it is not your typical large corporation mindset. It is actually empowering each and every agent to think POSITIVE and think BIG; along with reinforcing this thinking with vision boards, journaling, affirmations and a Win-Win philosophy in business. Everyone should come out of the transaction feeling good about their experience. This mindset has truly shaped a daily positive pattern that has been life-changing. Bob Proctor and Jim Rohn videos are a great way to get started on daily gratitude and positive thinking.

Lastly, meditation. I certainly had heard about it but did not know much else. If you are in a high-demanding profession or a high-energy family where you are always running and gunning….meditation is very effective at allowing a period of quality time to be at peace and to focus while allowing for more clarity and calmness in high tense situations. There are so many apps and YouTube videos available for free.

It is never too late to learn, grow and expand our thinking. Thank you for allowing me to share and above all else STAY POSITIVE!!

– Lisa Gifford