Do you know what radon is? Do you understand your rights as a buyer or seller regarding mitigating for radon if levels come back high? Do you know what the seller must provide to you in a real estate transaction? Sellers, do you know what you are required by the state to provide to a potential buyer? Do you know what rights you have once you have an inspection and repairs are needed? Do you understand what to do if a low appraisal becomes an issue in the transaction? Do you understand the consequences if you run past a due diligence deadline agreement date? Do you understand what a due diligence fee is? Do you understand what an earnest money fee is? Do you understand who gets these fees returned to them or forfeits them should the transaction dissolve and not close? As a seller, do you understand the rights of the buyer should they decide not to purchase your home during the process? Do you understand what might happen if the loan falls through?

I could actually go on with another paragraph of questions, however, if your answer was “no” to any of these questions or better yet if you wondered what I was even talking about, then in all likelihood you need a real estate agent to help you with your real estate endeavors.

When I first got into the business I had no idea exactly what I was signing up for. As I got involved in classes, and talked with other seasoned agents, and started working out in the field, it became very clear to me that there was a lot more to this than I had originally surmised. There are a lot of moving parts when you are selling or purchasing real estate. Not only are you taking care of paperwork, collecting and delivering checks, and marketing but you are preparing a market analysis, searching for properties, making appointments, showing homes, negotiating between parties, lining up service providers for various inspections, negotiating repairs, securing home warranties, working with the lender, keeping all parties informed, making phone calls to the DOT on projected projects, gathering HOA information, working with the attorney office, making sure all paperwork is prepared for closing, etc..

It certainly is not an easy job and there are a lot of personalities and people with whom you have to work with on each transaction. But it is a very rewarding job to be able to help someone find a new home or sell their treasured home so that they can move on to their next phase. You may feel leaving out the real estate professional to save money is the best option for you but hopefully this little blog added some value to us in your eyes as we continue to be out there and ready to work on your behalf. If we can help you or someone you know, please give us a call!


 – Lisa