Have you ever taken something for granted?  I like to think I am super aware and in the moment, yet this weekend I got smacked in the face with the realization that I totally “forget” how awesome Winston-Salem really is!
My daughter had a dance competition at Reynolds Auditorium this weekend. It was a GORGEOUS day, so when she was finished dancing we walked around a little outside. There is a hill just on the other side of the steps (pictured), and all these memories came flooding back from high school. I went on a date one time with a guy who attended RJR (this was a big deal then, as West Forsyth (my alma mater) and RJ Reynolds were HUGE rivals). Anyway, we went to eat downtown and then brought dessert here. It sounds hinky, but I remember thinking even then that it was a little piece of heaven. I wanted to sit there with my daughter forever, but the NCAA tourney called ;). 
The skyline has definitely changed, and the attractions of the area have also. Our downtown is THRIVING, our arts and medical communities are world renowned, and we still sit nestled within a quick drive of both the mountains and the coast. We truly do have it made here in Winston-Salem!