I LOVE WHAT I DO. That may sound simplistic and obvious to you, but there are so many licensed real estate agents now who “play” real estate… like it’s a hobby. If you love something, you devote your time to it. Further, if you depend on it for your well-being, you focus on it. I am not like a lot of others out there who maintain a license as a side job. Selling real estate is my livelihood — I am 100% passionate about my work. I am full-time, energetic, and focused… because if I don’t sell, my family doesn’t eat! Why is this important? If you want an agent who takes her career seriously — who doesn’t just put a sign in a yard and hope for the best — contact me today. I can be reached via email, phone, text, twitter, facebook, etc… whichever is your preferred method of communication. I have been licensed since 2002 and full-time since 2004. I understand that every buyer and seller is different, and I tailor my approach to every transaction accordingly. Buying or selling a home is a BIG DEAL and has consequences beyond the immediate moment. If I don’t feel I can meet your needs, I will let you know and will help you find someone tailored to your needs. As I said, contact me however you desire… I’m probably available to discuss your real estate needs now, and if not, we will set up a time that suits us both. I look forward to hearing from you!